2018 has been one interesting year. There’s been no shortage of drama: from Facebook’s data scandal and the ongoing Brexit negotiations, to England’s venture to the Semi-finals at the World Cup and that waistcoat.

For Evolyst, 2018 has been a year of growth, innovation and refocusing. Here are some of the top things from our year;


Working on major projects

Throughout 2018, we’ve worked with some fantastic people and made some real improvements to people’s lives.

We previously worked on a project with psychologists at Kings College London to develop SlowMo, a tool to help people suffering with Paranoia. This year, SlowMo has received universal praise and has been featured on Sky News and more recently, The One Show, where one of our users Angie was shown being able to leave her home after her long-term battle against Paranoia. The project has been broadened to include the use of wearable tech and a commercially available version is in development. A whitepaper has also recently been released to the public.

2018 saw us begin our collaboration with the University of Bristol on the Children of the 90’s (ALSPAC) project, a world-leading birth cohort study. We also began work on the Comic Relief supported Digital Health tool PlayPhysio, a platform that gamifies patient’s Cystic Fibrosis treatment, to improve compliance and ensure health professionals gain insights through data collected during the app-integrated physiotherapy.


Winning major awards

Evolyst were shortlisted for major awards all throughout 2018, with the most notable being the Leamington Business Awards, where we won the ‘Highly Commended’ award for Innovation of the Year, and the Coventry Telegraph Awards, where we beat off tough competition to win the Services category, highlighting our work in the Digital Health sector over the past year.

We are so proud that all our hard work is recognised by those outside of our sector, and it’s fantastic to have proof that our work makes a real difference to those who need us the most.


New website, new ideas

2018 has been a year of reflection, as well as a look to the future of what Evolyst is. We have focused on defining our mission as well as looking at what it means to be part of the Evolyst culture and have built a completely new website around our company values.

Our new website was built from the ground up by our experienced team of designers, product managers and software developers – the Evolyst team will be working continuously on this new site, providing updates and content to it every day.

We thank you for your continued feedback.


Team Days out

We have put a major focus on being person-centred in 2018, both through the projects that we work on and within the company itself. In doing this, our team has enjoyed some fantastic team-building activities throughout the year; including Laser Quest, a team creative day and multiple sports tournaments.


Mental Health: removing the stigma

2018 has been a major year for Mental Health. The stigma behind mental health is finally shifting, and people are realising the importance of looking after their own mental health.

We want to make a difference to those people’s lives: which is why we have a new mission;

To shape a world where mental health problems are free of stigma, where each person’s Mental Health is a priority and to make workplaces environments where people feel safe and secure when talking about Mental Health.

We aim to put a focus on tackling Mental Health by breaking the stigma behind it and ensuring everyone has access to the right platforms to tackle their own Mental Health problems.

Lumien, our new mental health analytics platform, is changing the landscape of Mental Health for the better by doing just that.


Looking back, 2018 was a fantastic year for Evolyst - but 2019 promises to be even better.  

We have some incredibly exciting projects in the pipeline that we can’t wait for you to see, and our team is looking forward to exploring new areas, collaborating with leaders in our field and making a real difference to the lives of those who need us the most.  

Written by Luke Byerley

Marketing Coordinator at Evolyst

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