In your business, it is important to know your team and understand what they need.

Everyone’s experience of mental health is different, so the signs of poor mental health and how your employees manage them, can vary. Spotting signs of poor mental health early on can be crucial to dealing with it in a manageable way.

The table below may help you to spot potential signs;


The symptoms of poor mental health vary from person to person, and there may be signs that are not on the table above that become apparent. You should also be careful about making assumptions on the mental health of your staff - use this information to create an open conversation and talk to your staff directly. 

If you work closely with your team, you will be in a prime position to monitor their mental health and spot potential symptoms. This information may also be used to create a Wellness Action Plan for your organisation, which can help you to understand your employees better and allow you to become more aware of your own mental health. 

If you are interested in understanding how you can improve the mental health of your staff and transform your organisation, take a look at our mental health platform Lumien.

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Written by Luke Byerley

Marketing Coordinator at Evolyst

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