It has become increasingly commonplace for organisations to adopt corporate wellness programmes and strategies designed to help employees adopt healthy behaviours. Not only does this lead to higher employee satisfaction rates, but also higher productivity levels and employee efficiency. However, the wellness programmes adopted by many businesses merely prioritise the physical health of their employees. This misses a valuable chance to address employee mental health, which in turn will have a positive impact on your business. An employee wellness programme that sets out to tackle the many different elements of employee wellness, including emotional wellness and mental health, will have a positive impact in all areas of your business, with work feeling more fulfilling for employees and companies seeing a tangible return on their investment.

The significance of emotional wellness

It can be tough to address emotional wellness and mental health in a workplace setting, and in the past, it has been normal for this aspect of wellness to be overlooked. However, as more and more people become aware and educated on mental health, it is increasingly obvious that mental health has a valuable place in the workplace, and should be monitored, addressed, and maintained. Emotional wellness means having some level of openness and awareness of thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

Positive mental health and emotional wellness practices within a business can lead to the greater wellbeing and health of employees as well as better stress management and emotional intelligence, ultimately benefitting your business. In short, a corporate wellness programme that targets emotional wellness enables employees to feel their best at work, and that their wellbeing is valued, encouraging a more open working environment where employees are more comfortable addressing problems. Some methods that businesses use to incorporate emotional wellness into their organisation is to establish mental health days, stress management programmes, and available education and resources.

How to integrate mental health into your corporate wellness platform

An effective wellness programme will begin by gathering data on employee mental health, helping you gain an overall picture of what mental health levels look like within your business. From there, this data can help narrow down the most effective strategies and programmes that the business and employees will be comfortable with. Wellbeing technology, such as HR analytics, can then monitor the outcomes of your wellness programmes, and you can deploy targeted interventions. Collecting feedback is an important and ongoing part of corporate wellness, and wellness technology allows you to see progress and the return for your business.

Choose a wellness platform for your business that brings all the aspects of wellbeing under one roof. Some wellness platforms offer a range of systems to gather data and interpret it effectively, providing resources that will help you market your wellbeing services and tools to calculate ROI.

Lumien is a survey and tracking platform that enables employers to keep track of their employees' wellbeing, wishes, recommendations, and more. With an easy set-up, these surveys will take participants less than 2 minutes to answer - so no more boring questions to scroll through! Each survey can be anonymised, meaning that employees will feel confident to answer truthfully; this gives you far more accurate results than if employees had to be tagged to their answers. As well as surveys, Lumien offers recommendations, an employee portal, planner tools, as well as an incredibly effective trends and predictions tool.

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Written by Luke Byerley

Marketing Coordinator at Evolyst

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