Employee well-being is clearly an HR priority: workers who enjoy good mental and physical health aren't just more productive, they're also likely to be happier, more satisfied and better motivated. A challenge for many HR teams is to work out which well-being and health interventions have the greatest impact on worker wellness, as well as which have been most favourably received and/or are most cost-effective. This is where a wellness action plan can really make a difference. Take a look at the benefits which a wellness action plan can have, not only for employee well-being but also in terms of accountability and best value.

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1. A wellness action plan is a map for achieving wellness objectives
Supporting the overall aim of a corporate wellness strategy, action plans provide the detail necessary to successfully implement the initiatives which will deliver the goal. They lend coherence to a wellness strategy, making it easier to see which areas of health are being addressed and which need further attention.

2. Employee well-being plans facilitate a company wide approach
A structured planning process allows time for input from other departments, employees and partners. This results in the design of initiatives which stand a greater chance of success, as they have been devised with input from potential stakeholders.

3. Wellness plans allow external engagement
A structured plan can be easily shared with external organisations, giving them the chance to add value. For example, a well thought through wellness plan based around promoting volunteering (which has been shown to have a number of health benefits) can be easily circulated to outside bodies who might be grateful for volunteers.

4. More effective budgeting
Transparent costings and a firm grip on how much delivery of the wellness strategy is going to cost, as well as how much each initiative will cost, allows better budgeting and facilitates better value.

5. A corporate wellness plan aids effective reporting and facilitates user feedback
It's vital that the department responsible for delivering wellness initiatives have can access up-to-date information on the impact each initiative is having, as well as feedback on the user experience. This can be used not only to inform future initiatives, but also to ensure current initiatives are on track.

Lumien offers a cost-effective wellness platform that enables HR departments to plan, monitor, evaluate and report on their wellness initiatives quickly and easily. If you want to hit the ground running with well-structured, monitored and evaluated initiatives that offer excellent value, please get in touch!

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Written by Luke Byerley

Marketing Coordinator at Evolyst

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